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After successfully practicing with major law firms, the partners of Rodriguez, Horii, Choi & Cafferata came together in 1996 with a common vision: Combine a full range of services for tax exempt organizations and develop powerhouse solutions for major foundations, philanthropic organizations and discerning ultra-high net worth individuals. “It is our job to find strategies to make ‘the watch’ run smoothly and not tell you how the watch was made.”

We pride ourselves on being a foundation of trust, recognizing what our clients want and understanding what they need. Our complementary strengths work together to provide innovative solutions simplifying the complex. We are the place where nonprofits profit most.


Just Say No to Overbroad Trust and Estate Waivers: Part II

By Reynolds Cafferata and Catherine Anne Karayan Step-by-Step Protecting Your Rights Beneficiaries can protect themselves from overbroad waiver with the following steps: Review the information provided by the fiduciary to see if there is any reason for concern Review waivers and edit forms so that they do not provide fiduciaries with greater protections than they […]

Reynolds Cafferata and Susanna Kim, attorneys at law

Regulating DAFs Will Not Increase Funding to End User Charities

The May/June Issue of Taxations of Exempts, a Thomson Reuters publication, includes “Regulating DAFs Will Not Increase Funding to End User Charities” by RHCC attorneys Reynolds Cafferata and Susanna Kim. The article looks at recent large-scale studies of giving habits of donors to donor advised funds and concludes that proposed regulations of donor advised funds […]

Andrew Atkin and Reynolds Cafferata of RHC&C Law

Self-Dealing — Not Just Do No Harm, Just Don’t Do it

Private foundations are subject to self-dealing rules that can be difficult to navigate. The difficulties arise in part because the self-dealing rules can be violated by transactions that provide a benefit to the foundation. Further, self-dealing transactions can occur even when there is not a direct transaction between the foundation and a related party. Reynolds […]

Pinkert v. Schwab Charitable Fund

Latest DAF Ruling

Donors Lack Standing to Challenge Action of DAF Sponsor Unless DAF Made a Specific Promise In Philip Pinkert v. Schwab Charitable Fund, Case No. 20-cv-076657-LB (N.D., Cal.), the court dismissed the lawsuit of a donor to a donor advised fund (“DAF”) for lack of standing.  In Pinkert, the donor made contributions to Schwab Charitable Fund […]