Reynolds Cafferata and Susanna Kim, attorneys at law

Regulating DAFs Will Not Increase Funding to End User Charities

The May/June Issue of Taxations of Exempts, a Thomson Reuters publication, includes “Regulating DAFs Will Not Increase Funding to End User Charities” by RHCC attorneys Reynolds Cafferata and Susanna Kim. The article looks at recent large-scale studies of giving habits of donors to donor advised funds and concludes that proposed regulations of donor advised funds […]

New York view

Should the Alleged Political Activities of the Trump and Clinton Foundations Result in a Loss of Their Tax Exemption under Section 501(c)(3)?

Election year 2016 has something for everyone, including tax-exempt law practitioners. Along with the discussion of Russian hackers and pocket Constitutions have been charges against the Trump and Clinton Foundations involving whether either has violated the laws regarding their tax-exempt status. Many of the charges against both Foundations no doubt are politically motivated and have […]

Overthinking the play call

Overthinking the Play Call

In a Private Letter Ruling released on February 13, the IRS denied an open source software project’s 501(c)(4) exemption application using a rationale sure to invite Monday morning quarterbacking. Rather than simply denying the application on the straight up the middle basis that the open source software project was carrying on a business with the […]